Friday, 16 November 2012

Flame On!

This is the card we gave Mum for her birthday...

It started as the fourth piece of wet felt created for The dying of the Sun...seen here on the right on the line of fire!

There's a bit of everything incorporated into the needlefelting, two types of Teeswater curls and mainly shetland tops with some sari silk...

...and some crochet. 

I suppose the crochet flames could be considered my first free form crochet as I just hooked a few stitches until I got a flame shape.  They then took on a completely different form as they were needlefelted onto the piece..

I'm amazed how much my style has changed from this

to this in just a year. 

I'm always on the look out for frames and this is a great one from B and M bargains last year. The glass has been removed but the mount had padded foam on the back and a polystyrene sheet is included to pack out the box style. I might have to pop in and pick up some more, though I have quite a collection of shapes and sizes as I buy them when I see them. Also I'm never quite sure what size a finished item might be!

Part of mum's present was a crochet Poinsettia brooch from my daffodil pattern,
with a few more petals of different widths,'ve guessed it...
a needlefelted middle!

Happy Birthday Mum!


CRAZY DAZY said...

love the idea of using crochet with felt, ali

Tracey said...

OOh, the brooch is lovely.
Thank you for my pressie too. It was lovely to see you.
With luck I'll be back in the new Year x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

It's super to see how your style has developed, Ali - and how you've incorporated your crochet skills with your felting! The finished design is lovely. This is one of the things I love about keeping a blog, and following those kept by others - they're a wonderful way of documenting our crafty endeavours, aren't they! I hope your mum enjoyed her birthday treats, Love Liz x