Sunday, 25 November 2012

Skein of Green!

Earlier this year, when something clicked and I began to crochet, my wonderfully woolly and creative friend Tracey sent me a bulging box of goodies...
The blue at the back became a granny TARDIS, the red has been used successfully for my heart pattern which I am yet to reveal, the pinky colours were transformed into one of Tracey's gift bags and the blue on the top has found its way into a few Kaldred patterns. 
The green at the bottom was a wonderfully soft 150g skein of superwash merino.

I knew it would come into its own for Christmas..I had thoughts of Christmas trees, holly leaves, and mistletoe. I did use a little before I began on Christmas projects...
however these were tiny bits as I have great difficulty winding from a hank to a ball! Even the smallest skein gets a bit knotted and ravelled despite my best attempts to keep it smooth 
and its me that keeps getting wound up!
Whilst winding the green skein I ended up with an extremely distorted knotted green mess of 750m of yarn resembling a giant clump of  spongy moss!
My mum is hugely creative and thankfully patient...she likes methodical mathematical crafts, her lace is incredibly detailed - and takes hours of dedication. She took away the wodge of wool, patiently unravelled, untwisted and wound it into this huge ball of single stranded several hued green loveliness!

The tiny bit on the top was the only casualty of the long length -  and that was the cut I had made in anger to find an end to wind!

I have been hooking frantically but therapeutically with what I thought was a never-ending supply of Christmas coloured softness. I abandoned all the patterns I favourited on Ravelry in favour of the humble granny square and have made this portly pile.....

Not for a blanket, or a bag...but all will be revealed nearer Christmas!
The squares don't have to be neat for this project!


My supplies are satisfyingly dwindling..


and the ball has shrunk considerably....
 A couple of weekends ago Tracey and I met up in Brum for the second time in more than 20 years - it was so great to see her again, chat, reminisce and introduce her to Mr RW and RW Jnr! 
 She received one of the transformed granny squares.
This post is to say Thank you over the years to Tracey for her continued friendship, supplies and inspiration and to Mum for her oodles of patience...


Hindustanka said...

that's pretty..however i am intrigued now what the project is!:)

Tracey said...

Thanks Ali, I treasure our friendship and loved meeting your family. My present is sitting on the dressing table waiting to go under the tree and the other is patiently waiitng for the 1st December so I can enjoy some festive cheer xxxxxx

linda said...

Can't wait ti see what you are making Ali :)

crazydazy said...

mmmmh i wonder what it could be......i like projects which dont have to be dead on accurate!, thanks for visiting my blog recently, my crochet project is going very slow....was to be a birthday present but now a christmas present, best wishes, ali

Little Blue Mouse said...

Hi Ali, This is a very random comment but I know by your blog name that you're into randomness!
I follow Faded Reverie's blog and have just been looking back at Carrad's posts because I remember her having the same trouble that I'm now having, and wondered if she'd found a solution. I noticed your comment and wonder if you could help me?
I'm up to my limit for photos on Picasa and I see that you said they could be resized to solve the problem. Would it be possible for you to tell me how to resize photos please?
If it's very complicated though, don't trouble yourself because I'm a complete numpty when it comes to computers. (I didn't even know my photos were in Picasa until I got the message telling me I was up to my limit!)

Thanks, Georgia

Starfish Studio said...

Busy lady!! I haven't a clue about crocheting, it's all a bit of a mystery to me, so I love to see your various projects.
I'd love to see some piccies of your mum's lace - it sounds wonderful.
Kate x