Sunday, 14 April 2013

Granny Pocket Hearts!

The stash busting challenge is proving great fun! My woolly storage facilities are becoming slimmer, my creative juices are flowing, and my inspiration banks are being re-charged at very regular intervals with all the amazing ideas fellow busters are sharing.
It has also been fab to find out more about the great community of creators who knit and crochet for charities.
Linda has a link on her page that includes information about such charities.

Two of them captured my imagination - I will blog about my squares for LILY later this month - 
the other is hearstese.

Ruth and Belinda are encouraging people to make heart shaped bags for children supported by Kids company. 

I really admire their project and having excitedly read the knitting patterns I set about devising a crochet heart pattern made from my favourite item – a granny square!

 I made one girly bag from chunky acrylic

 as the holes might let stuff out I stuffed the pocket with a fluffy bedsock!

Playing with shadows!
 I made another for a friend's daughter to accompany her birthday card.

Having a male bias in our household I thought the pattern lent itself to smaller hearts that can be stuffed into a pocket – pocket hearts! So I hooked a few in boyish colours too!

I packaged them off to Ruth and Belinda and received a very warm and appreciative e-mail of thanks. 
I intend to make more as they are easy to hook and construct, I hope to put a quick pattern up here soon too. 

Backs of the above fronts!

All the yarn I have used is from my stash and has come, so far, to heart warming a total of 155g


Ali Hogg said...

Im impressed with your stash busting. Like the photos of the orange heart bag and the lovely shadows, ali

Ana BC said...

This is such a cute creation! I feel the same way about has made us more creative...and more giving ;-)

Elisabeth said...

Very cute! You're doing so well with the stashbusting :)

linda said...

They are lovely Ali well done! don't forget to link them, I'm looking forward to the pattern :)


Hello Ali, What lovely and colorful wee hearts. Hugs Judy

Tammy said...

Hi Ali, I'm going to start crocheting squares for LILY too and will blog about it as part of my stash busting. I have many Syrian friends and am close to the area so it makes sense to do something to give back. Have shared the link with a couple of friends and also will post on our school bulletin. Your hearts are lovely. I will have to check out that charity as I don't remember reading about it. Have a great day! Tammy

Ashley said...

What a simple pattern; great idea! I like that you can still see where the granny square was; gives kind of a neat effect to see it as both a heart and a square at the same time.