Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring has sprung!

Spring certainly is in the air! The daffodils are cheerfully blooming, birds are tunefully singing,  the sky is a bright blue, pink and white blossom is brightening the branches and the blustery wind is much warmer! OOh and there's sunshine in abundance!
There are lots of spring birthdays in our family, so we have been a busy making, choosing, writing, wrapping  and celebrating!

I picked these flowers made last year on my flower loom

and added a needlefelted middle to each.

Whenever a garland has been made to give away it hangs in our lounge until its ready to go - to keep it from getting squashed and to encourage it to hang straight!
However when it goes it takes its rainbow of colour with it!
Not being very good at making things for myself and after a very clever suggestion from Mr Random Wooliness a plan was hatched!

The flowers and birds were strung together with a note:

wishing Mr RW a Happy Birthday!
So now there is a very cheerful rainbow as a more permanent fixture brightening our room!

The birds are a bit bigger than most of the spring chickens and are all stash busters.
One camera shy bird flew the nest before pictures were taken.
Total big bird weight 32g.
The crocheted chain is also all stash wool 3g!
So 35g in all.

Lots of my creations involve hooking more than one strand of wool or yarn at a time. At the moment most of them include some of this beautiful rainbow from Sara's Texture Crafts.

Its so soft and makes eveything come up rainbows!


Hilde said...

Oh, I love your garland, it's beautiful and cheerful :) That certainly will brighten up your room!

Enjoy spring!
Hilde :)

linda said...

So pretty Ali it's lovely, don't forget to link up all your lovely makes :)

Gill Pinkney said...

ooohhh, love those birdies Ali x

Mitzi said...

My first visit to your blog: I love how colorful and cheerful it is! The birds are very cute....I'll take some time to look around!

Elisabeth said...

This is so pretty! A lovely idea :) The flowers are so pretty. I've not tried a flower making loom yet - but it's going on my to do list now! xx

Ali Hogg said...

love your rainbow garland especially the birds......that yarn is just gorgeous.......im tempted to buy some, ali

Tammy said...

I love your pretty little garland. Now I want to make some and hang them up all over the place. :) Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Lorna said...

What a pretty garland! A lovely piece of spring for indoors :o)

Ashley said...

Ha what a lucky guy Mr. RW is. I'm glad to see a return of your cute little birds! Hopefully they spread that warm weather all the way over here!

That yarn looks soft even on the computer screen. I bet it's even nicer to the touch.

TACIStudio said...

So cute... I love birds and this one sure is a cute one !!!


A very happy and colorful garland.. Happy Spring. Hugs Judy