Thursday, 25 April 2013

Happy Scrumbler!

One of my New Year ambitions was to have a go at more freeform crochet. 
I recently came across a link to Tamsyn Gregory's funky scrumbled brooch tutorial and wow was I hooked! 
I love the zingy vibrant colours and oodles of textures in Tamsyn's blog and her tutorial was really easy to follow.

Here is my first scrumbled brooch

I am soooooo pleased with it, I love sits where I can see its zingy colours..eventually I will wear it, but for now I just like to gaze at it!

It was such a pleasure to make too - just hooking anywhere, anytime, any colour, any width....I got lost in the colourful meandering!

When finished I had a lap full of various hooks and woolly ends - the whole area was surrounded by mounds of coloured strands, long strings and short ends! So engrossing!

Before tidying away another was flowing:

 This became the centre of a flower.
There will be many more scrumblings  - lots of ideas were sparked!

At 3g and 5g they are a tiny stash buster - but so much fun to go with the flow!

Stash buster totals for April:
Granny Pocket Hearts 155g
Spring Birds 32g + 3g 
Happy Birdy Bird 9g
Lily Squares 55g
Scrumblings 8g
 Total 262g
2013 total so far: 663+262 = 925g


Hilde said...

So lovely and colourful, great stash bust, Ali :) I have never tried freeform crochet, but it do look like lots of fun.

Ali Hogg said...

this sounds like my type of crocheting........very colourful, ali

vexa said...

Looks like pretty fun.

Anne said...

I love all those colours mixed together :)

Willow said...

I enjoy those zingy colors Ali :)


Very colorful and pretty scrumbled brooch.. Hugs Judy