Friday, 29 November 2013

A short yarn....

.... a few weeks a go when browsing in a local charity shop I came across a colourful, squidgy yarn cake on sale for just £1!
It was expertly wound and seemed to contain layers of complementary colours. I was intrigued, and with the perfect project in mind it came home with me. 
Unfortunately despite lots of squashing and gazing at the beautifully formed multicoloured cake I eventually dived straight in and forgot to take a photo! 
However this is the end result!

As it was so well wound I hoped each yarn would be attached to the next - 
I was not disappointed - and what beautiful joins there were!

Using the end from the middle, the end from the end and a chunky hook , I worked rows of trebles and half trebles, some in the back loops only to form a short length.

Inspired by the mobius twist Jennifer of Fiber Flux put into her Cloudy Sky Mobious Cowl,
I followed her fab photo tutorial and put a twist into the short scarf I had made. The twist makes the cowl sit straight and as this one is quite wide it will turn over for a double layer if required!
The ends were sewn together using Tamara's quick and easy mattress stitch tutorial.
So a quick and easy cowl created using great surprise yarns from someone elses stash!

It will be joining this scarf  being donated at Christmas to someone who needs to keep warm this winter.
To summarise the yarn... surplus wool donated to charity,
and donated to another charitable cause.
As the wool was from someone elses stash, and destined for a specific project
 I thought I would cheekily add it as a stashbuster project!

It weighs in at a chunky 78g...and there's still some left over!

November's totals are:
Chunky Cowl - 78g
Pompoms - 32g
Randomeanderings - 60g
There are lots of festive makes and presents in the pipeline....see you next month!


Elisabeth D said...

Lovely yarn, lovely cowl and for such a great cause too! x

crazydazy said...

the cowl is beautiful........I do love charity shop finds as this one was a real gem! Very generous of you to donate it

linda said...

That's a beautiful cowl Ali I love the colours, you could make pompoms with whats left just think how lovely and fluffy they would be! :)

Jacqui Galloway said...

Some lucky person is going to love this.

Ana BC said...

Such a fun cowl, Ali :-)

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a great, woolly post! I love tracing the journey of a length of yarn - i'm sure your lovely cowl will make somebody very happy and cosy this winter, Ali!
Liz xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have never heard of a yarn cake before. :) Were the different yarns all tied together? I did that one time with odd bits of yarn to create a potted plant cover. Good for you creating such a lovely scarf for charity. Best wishes, Tammy