Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tiddly om pom pom!

Christmas creating is very much in full swing! 
Theres a variety of projects on the go...

looking a bit brown but some colour will be injected soon!

However I have found a little distraction...
...making pompoms for The Great Sense Pompom Challenge!
The details are all on the website - how fabulous to tune into your sense of touch -
 to be part of a huge tapestry travelling the country raising awareness of sight and hearing loss.
Great for stash busting all those short ends too!

I have seen somewhere that the challenge runs from November 18th until December 2nd so
I'm off to unwind, winding some colourful woolly pompoms!



Ana BC said...

Looking forward to the progress on your project.
And thanks for the pompom link. I have been making lots of pompoms with my yarn stash too ;-)

crazydazy said...

Cant wait to see how your Christmas projects shape up.....and thanks for the Pompom Challenge idea

September Violets said...

Christmas makes are in high gear here too! Have fun making your pom poms! Wendy x

linda said...

Your projects look good Ali and thanks for he pompom challenge link, I love making pompoms so I will be sending some in. :)