Sunday, 10 November 2013


Ever since my adventures in scrumbling I have been itching to dive into some more. 
Over the summer, knowing that the theme for National Poetry Day and International Day of Felt was water, some ideas began to spring and flow!
However they were blocked a little, by time and organisational procedures. 
When creating I take over all available space...and in order to use a variety of colours and textures a large area is needed, along with the time to sort through several bags of tiny bits and pieces.
Eventually I piled high my largest tray with the necessary equipment and took my hook for a relaxing walk!

The first pieces were bluey tones:

The backs are almost as fun as the fronts!

The rounder ones have a more three dimensional quality..

As I'm not sure of the technical terminology I'm naming these taking-my-hook-for-a-leisurely-stroll pieces as random-meanderings - or randomeanderings for short!

I use all sorts of yarns, wools and threads and many hook sizes - 
and LoVe the freedom to go with the flow.

Having grown up in the North East of England, crossing the majestic River Tees many times I remember the distinctive colour of this and many other local rivers.

For birthday gifts for two fellow former north eastern residents  I used more browny tones:

..and back..

Both these started as circles, but changed shape significantly due to the pulling and pushing of the added yarns and  stitches. 
Although nearly finished, the second needed something else, and I began hooking round the edge in a random fashion. It was only when I spun it round that I realised it resembled an autumn leaf.

The two rusty river autumnal coloured pieces were made from this tray of goodies.

This stream of watery randomeanderings
busted  60g..
a small drop in my ocean of stash!


crazydazy said...

I do like your randomeanderings...just my sortoff projects!. I think I prefer the reverse side.

Jacqui Galloway said...

I love scumbling x

Linnhe Mara said...

I think your second blue piece is my favourite (although your 'leaf' is a very close second). I have a soft spot for abstract landscapes and that's what it looks like to me. Trees bordering a river that is flowing towards the pale blue horizon. Beautiful :)

Zed said...

I really like the look of those :)

Melody said...

never heard of scumbling till today...but it looks like a good, no rules kind of way to cut loose with your yarns! :))))

linda said...

Love them Ali, my favourite is the leaf, I love all the different textures and colours what fun! :)

Elisabeth D said...

Very pretty! I LOVE the colours in the second one, so pretty :) x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

These are lovely, Ali - super colour combinations and colours! I think I prefer the reverse side for some reason - probably says a lot about me! Liz x