Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hardware vs software

We've had a few gremlins in our computer and most of my time over the last week has been devoted to hardware rather than the softer-ware of feltiness! 
So -in true Blue Peter style  - here's one I prepared earlier!!

The background is chocolate shetland, layered with Falling leaves Merino and silk blend from Wheeldale Woolcrafts. The detail on the top includes some very soft streaks of  alpaca amongst other fibres.

As the background is so busy the alpaca has got a bit lost visually although you can feel it and see it up I intend to make another piece to show it off more ....and then both will be given to the friend who gave me the alpaca for her to weave her sewing magic and transform it into something else!!

I originally intended to create tree bark...and it reminds my friend of a stream (there's quite a bit of green in there - in real life)..isn't it great how we all see things differently?!!


Tracey Todhunter said...

I love those shades of pink, yes reminds me of water too - think of those fronds of red seaweed in a rock pool. Hope the computer gremlins are fixed now.
Tracey x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Ali, that's lovely! So many gorgeous textures and softly blending shades. It does remind me of tree bark, maybe the kind you'd find on an old, gnarled oak that's been around for centuries. Blog posts about felt making really should have a 'touch' function, don't you think? Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - and the sun has finally reached us in Yorkshire! Hope you manage to sort the computer out, Liz x

Unknown said...

Such beautiful textures and tones. What will your friend make with it?
Becky x

Melody said...

The squiggles remind me of beautiful veins in a piece of marble!
What will it become one has to wonder...???
I am very curious about this "mouse collection"...
Thanks for your kind comments; update on the "day at the fair" coming soon! :)))))