Saturday, 16 July 2011

More Pavement Art

Having blogged about the random pavement jigsaws near us imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon THE most impressive pavement markings on the way to a friend's house. 

Of course they all have deep meanings (and some of them do relate to depth!!) but they make the most amazing patchwork of pavement art. 

 Its difficult to capture the overall impression - it's as if the street is a long, slender tattooed limb!

Not sure what the residents thought as I snapped away at the floor! 

This one has all 4 colours !
Wonder how long they will stick around, the weather has dampened their glow over the weeks but I still think they're amazing!


Melody said...

I think you should add some lines of your own... just to confuse them!! :))))Then i think you should follow all the arrows back and forth and around; really give the neighbors a good show! :)

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Imagine if this was in the Tate Modern - there would be hundreds of people queuing to gaze at it and ponder over what profound messages it held for humankind! Liz x

Jenny Blair said...

heehee I love Melody's suggestion :) What fun to see such colour in the concrete jungle!
Thankyou so much for your wonderful well wishes! Big hugs :)x

Starfish Studio said...

Maybe you could chalk some messages next to them to make it look like a treasure map 'take 10 paces due south' etc, with a big X marking the spot!
Kate x

Ali said...

What fantastic comments folks - Love all your ideas!
Ali x

Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

I have seen (slightly off the point, but there we are!) quite a lot of knit graffiti over the last couple of years... I keep meaning to blog about it, or even join in!!