Friday, 27 January 2012

Astonishing Splashes of Colour!

...named after an amazing book by the fabulous Clare Morrall

I've been mesmerised by colours recently...choosing and ordering shades for a new project..watching the tones change in my current makes...viewing the vibrant sunsets and sunrises...and wearing my new trainers!!
Well, they are not strictly new..I've had them for a while, I bought them off the internet, the colour choice was made by the RW men, and they have been glowing like a Dr Who creation in the corner by the door ever since.
I decided I should embrace their vibrancy and headed off to the supermarket in my neon pink  footwear!

Its obviously very difficult to show the actual colour on screen or we wouldn't have had such a shock when we initially opened the box!
However I do love them..I kept glancing down at my feet whilst shopping, and have since cleaned the specks of mud and dirt off them - that won't last long!

My usual in front of the tv occupation (except during Danish subtitled dramas) has been flower looming. I have been using the wool I blogged about here..

  Knitcol by Adriafil 100% merino shade 60 Rousseau phantasy
I just keep winding the next flower from where  the last one left off but having used the whole ball a pattern seems to have developed...

maybe not as random as I first thought!

 The other very soft and fascinating yarn is
Rowan Colourscape chunky by Kaffe Fasset....100% lambswool 
in candy pink....shade 434 

Every flower is  different in shade to the next..some are very subtle and others less can see the stages of transformation if you follow the photo below from left to right, right to left and left to right.... from purpley green through to purpley blue via orange and pink! All from a continuous flow of yarn.

Each contains flecks either large or small from the previous shade...some of the shades reminded me of  food...strawberry sherbets, raspberry sorbet, barley sugars...too many beautiful colours to put a name to..
the colours are so sumptuous up really has been a pleasure to work with and I'm missing it now I have wound up almost all the hank.

I now have a deep boxful bursting with stage to needlefelt the middles and fulfil a suggestion from a while back..

Our carpets have been transforming into rainbows too...with odd threads of sari silk, fibre tufts, stray sock fluff (from new Christmas socks!!), yarn remnants etc...I suppose its a hazard of a colourful fibre fan!!


Creative Chaos Art said...

The flowers are beautiful! I love the colours :) And believe me, I understand the carpet thing! Though in our house, on top of the creative and sparkly scraps, are bunny hairs and hay - they get everywhere!
Helen x

Linnhe Mara said...

What pretty flowers! The Knitcol shades are very Spring like while Kaffe Fasset ones remind me of Summer. Amazing to think they all came from the same hank. I know what you mean about the carpet. My vacuum cleaner is always falling out with me about the amount of thread I expect it to pick up :o)

Linnhe Mara said...

Oh . I almost forgot. Those trainers are awesome!

Flaming Nora said...

Those flowers are fantastic! I recently gave one of those flower looms away to a friend's daughter after I inhereted it. Wish I hadn't now! The trainers are mind blowing!

Tracey Todhunter said...

Awesome trainers indeed - great to have a splash of colour on these dreary days! Also loving your flowers!
T xxx

Karen said...

Having seen those trainers in the flesh they are truly wonderful!! As are the flowers. xx

Starfish Studio said...

Wow, you have been busy! You could fill a whole garden with those woolly blooms!
K x

Ali said...

Thanks everyone - the trainers are certainly making me brighter outdoors!
Missing my repetitive woolly activity already...may have to seek more yarn!! X