Friday, 6 January 2012

Twelfth Night!

Its all looking a bit minimal around here as all the decorations are down and the tree is waiting in the garage to be disposed of (hopefully before September like last year's - it didn't drop at all in that time!)
In my Being Creative Vintage post I talked about the groovy 70s decorations we embellished...well, as I gazed at Mum and Dad's tree there they all were!

....there was one that had a purple velvet band with pearly sequins and some of mum's turned out to be lace...but there's tatting to follow!

a large one with  strings and a (made by mum) basket attached -  in which Santa perched in his hot air balloon, given to Grandad;

 and Grandma had a one covered in tatting and sparkles.

I found another that I had forgotten:

...tatting, lace, velvet, sequins and sparkles!

You can see where I inherited my love of crafty things!

.....As promised the favourite (post -war) decoration from my Grandad's tree...

my brother and I had lots of fun with this cheeky chappie!!
They are all safely packed away for another year....


Linnhe Mara said...

I'm afraid to say I didn't wait until twelfth night ( 6th January is our anniversary so I try to have them down before then just incase I get taken out for the day .... not that that's ever happened !) The house does look kinda dull now.
Love the tatting, yet one more of those crafts I want to give a go just as soon as I find the time.

Melody said...

The house does look sort of sparse and desolate after the decorations come down doesn't it?
I love the ornaments! I am delighted to see a hot air ballon! Just before Christmas I saw one in a Christmas craft magazine! It's on my list for next year! (it used a thimble for a basket)..I thought it would be idea for one of my little mice to ride in! :))))
Thanks for sharing the family ornaments! :))))