Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Being Creative - Winter

When I first saw this topic, in the spring, I imagined sparkling white snow scenes, snow capped tree tops, snowdrops peeking through solid icy distant that seems at the moment! Although the wind is howling the temperatures are unseasonably warm!
So instead of posting my snowy trees...

....I will be registering a randomness of Robins!
We have some in the garden and they nest regularly - one family in the drain hopper by our back door. It was a delight to watch (and hear) the chirpy stages of their development especially when they poked their fluffy heads over the edge!

First up: some made by others:

a well loved commercial sample

Tracey's new to needlefelting beautiful bird inspired by Kirstie - I'm so proud to display your first fluttery felt on our tree!

a striking stained glass species by another good friend Vix. 
I love the texture in the brown glass and the shiny shadows it casts - if it is sunny!

one of my early broods - a bit basic and flattened over the years but the curly Wensleydale still fluffy!

 Remodelled and homemade wet felted brown feathers...something I only dreamed about this time last year!
 Class of 2011!

This little fella missed the mass photo shoot...he was the first of this years hatchlings and was put away to keep him safe, only to be found when all the others had flown the nest. 
I'm secretly quite glad as it meant we could keep him!

So this is my rather belated December Being Creative post...there's a new flexible format to Being Creative 2012 without monthly deadlines...great as I have been so late the last few months!
I've really enjoyed meeting new creative bloggy friends and being inspired by so many interpretations of  the themes. Look forward to seeing many of you again on Flickr...when I have got the hang of it!
Watch out for some more Being Creative blog posts too...but maybe more randomly!


Jenny Blair said...

Happy New Year Ali! What fun to see your range of random robins! So lovely, all of them! Though I especially love the curly chested one :)x

Tracey Todhunter said...

Aww, thanks Ali, your rorbins are lovely x

Donna said...

I love your very cheery robins, they have got fabulous faces - very expressive. Class of 2011 look like they are going to start carol singing.