Thursday, 19 January 2012

Random new thoughts!

The excitement in our house lasts through Christmas, New Year, Twelfth Night and beyond as we have a significant birthday in January. It has taken a while for things to calm down a little and for me to find time and coherent words to compose a post. Lots of things have been buzzing away and happening some of a woolly nature and some more random! 
I have been slowly emerging from my Christmas associated creative hibernation ...and have made a piece of poetry inspired wetfelt, and a needlefelted birthday card. Hopefully they will have their own posts soon.
In the meantime I have some newsy items to share:
 New beginnings:
An exciting independent wool shop, Fibre Flurry has opened close by.

It is a treasure trove of colourful (more than 70%) wooliness hosted by an enthusiastic proprietor.
There's lots of other items to catch the eye and regular knitting gatherings.
On my first visit I was very restrained and only browsed -  taking in the colours and textures as if by osmosis. I bumped into a woolly friend (who taught me to needlefelt...)I hadn't seen for ages and we had a bit of a yarn (hee hee).

At this point the wonders of the www come into play....
fairly recently Kate from Johnshaven (way up North) sent me a link to a Birmingham blog that happened to mention Fibre Flurry.
She also featured, a while ago, a handmade book on her blog (that her daughter had made...that was inspired by Jenny at Love and Peas*) that sowed a seed that I have been nurturing
soooo....I have been  back to Fibre Flurry and have booked (ho ho) myself onto a stab stitch book course.
OOOH how exciting...thank you Kate for the seed...

Lots of bloggers have been sharing inspirational words for the New Year...I have been pondering this (for a few weeks) and I am still searching for mine.

Going with the flow?....

I was going to have 'Go with the flow' (I know its 4 words).. aiming to be a bit more laid back..however as it also has connotations to following the crowd I decided it wasn't quite me!
Walking past the nearby Quaker meeting house a large bright red poster encourages passers by to 'Live adventurously' this is one of the  Quakers Advices and Queries
I think I might try to follow that advice sometimes!

Two of my bloggy friends Tracey and Jenny  are doing just that and have started new ventures. I would like to wish them every success as they continue to inspire and move their bursting creativity to another level. Must also wish Helen lots of success with her creating and selling ventures too! 
Perhaps there'll be others opening outlets?.....I'm hoping at least one stateside etsy shop might open sometime..?!

.....while I'm here - I'd just like to say: how amazing are the scents of hyacinths?!

maybe we'll have smellivision one day?! x


Linnhe Mara said...

Wow, you really are attacking the new year with a vengeance:o) Glad to hear you are out of your creative hibernation. Looking forward to seeing to seeing the poetry inspired needle felt - you have me intrigued!

Creative Chaos Art said...

Thank you for the mention :) The stab stitch book course sounds really interesting, might have to look into that! I look forward to seeing how you get on :)
Helen x

Tracey Todhunter said...

Oh my goodness, you have been busy. The course sounds wonderful. I shall have to take a look for myself at what's on and hopefully plan a trip.

Mikayla at Fibre Flurry said...

Thank you for the lovely mention :~)
We look forward to seeing you on the course, if not before!

Starfish Studio said...

Excellent!! Thanks for the mention :)
Hope the course goes well and I look forward to seeing the finished book!
Kate x

Jenny Blair said...

What a great post and thankyou so much for the good wishes :) Its lovely to read others are jumping in too and following their dreams...I am in good company :)
I smiled heartily at your amazing restraint when entering the Fibre flurry..not an easy feat!And I LOVE your adopted motto for the year...I'm with you on the adventuring front, definitely!
Stunning blooms,though I'm actually glad there isn't smellivision!Their strong scent goes straight for my head..our blooms always end up in the downstairs loo!Poor things :)xx

Melody said...

Live adventurously ~ now that seems like a grand thing to strive for! Get out of the comfort zone and take a plunge or something! (not the kind the crazy "Polar Bear Club" people do on New Years Day around here ~ jumping into the ocean in January is NOT happening for this girl...)
and I want to make a book now too....
and I love the scent of hyacinth... even when i can only imagine it! :)))
Does an open, but scared to post merchandise for sale Etsy shop Stateside count? :))) *nervous giggle*....... :)))

Ali said...

Of course it counts...Live adventurously...small steps!! So pleased to hear you have taken the plunge Melody (not the polar bear club type though)! xx