Friday, 13 July 2012

Fabulous to be felting!

Last week I had the chance to indulge in some playing with the wet stuff!

I began with a blue background, some  Ruby  Rowan Silk Twist and whisps of the beautiful blue Masham curls Anne sent me from Woolfest.

One of the experiments was to see how well some of my crochet would felt....
remember these?

...they are a mixture of Tracey's 5 petal flower, Lucy's  micro flowers  and little picot flowers
I really wanted some bright zingy colours....

...the blue and green yarn is tapestry wool - bought in 10m hanks just what I wanted to add some extra brightness!
There's some sari silk in there too!
To my surprise the larger flower felted best...I scuffed the backs of the flowers with a bit of velcro to make the fibres fuzzier and ready to felt.

I'm really pleased with the results and will certainly try some more!
There is another piece but I have designs on that for another purpose and another post!

Hope you catch something bright and sunny over the weekend!


Gill Pinkney said...

oooh, what a fabulously colourful piece of felt and love your crochet flowers in the mix xx

Melody said...

I love the mix of crocheted flowers and felty goodness! :)))))

Anonymous said...

Glad to see tat you have put the Woolfest goody to use already! I woud never have thought of incorporating the crochet flowers - they look really good!

Tracey Edges said...

What a lovely mix and great results :-)

Tracey said...

How lovely to see you felting again! What a good use for the crochet flowers!