Friday, 6 July 2012

Woolfest Swap

I really enjoy sharing Woolfest with lots of fibre loving bloggers and facebook fibre fans...the anticipation of crafters going to browse and buy,...the frenetic activity of sellers meeting the deadline for production...and then the wonderful photos of vibrant and textured purchases bought in all shapes and sizes, woolly wildlife,  tales of friends meeting...followed by plans for the purchases and final reveals! This year there was the added excitement of torrential rain in Cokermouth and its surrounds.
The power of the internet makes me feel involved even though I wasn't there!
Tracey over at Baking and Making organised a Woolfest swap this year...where one person who was going to Woolfest bought something for someone that wasn't. In return their partner would send something as Tracey said 'to brighten someone's day'!
My swap partner is Anne who writes  Frayed at the Edge, she sent me the most wonderful parcel:

...containing two exciting packages with pretty polka dot ribbon!

The Red Cross notelets reminded me of embroidery on tablecloths that my mum has.

Anne kindly sent some wonderfully squidgy and colourful felt pieces and some vibrant Masham curls from Woolfest

and some lovely creations from her studio including this frayed at the edge lavender heart (it's resting on one of the colourful nuno felt patches from Woolfest)

Anne's blog is full of beautiful photos of her surroundings, and creations. I really love the way she is able to take an ordinary subject and make it beautiful, as you can see in the notecards she enclosed in her studio parcel:

I sent:

..a needlefelted cake..Anne regularly has mouthwatering photos of cakes on her blog..
a cotton crochet flower from Tracey's pattern and a double sided butterfly with a needlefelted middle!
As Anne sews so beautifully I wrapped the parcel in some fabric...the patterned piece from our old sofa and the shiny purple from a favourite blouse (that no longer fits!). I am hoping she enjoys making something with it  - as I find incorporating bits I am given so inspiring!

I'd like to say a big Thank you to Tracey for organising the swap and to Anne  - its great to see and feel other's inspiring felt, my lavender bag is put to good use and I'll be using the cards soon. Some of the beautiful Masham fleece has already been incorporated into a piece of wet felt...
YAY! Yes, you have read that bit right..I've finally had the chance to play with the soap and fibres...
more of that in another post when we have some picture taking weather!

Looks like a weekend for staying in and being creative...hope you all have a good one!
Ali x

PS Tracey has had quite a few commissions for publications recently including a fab Boho scarf in Craftseller Magazine number 13


Jayne said...

What a great idea, a swop your goodies back and forth looked so lovely. I do love receiving a letter or a parcel and when it is full of treasures so much the better.jayne x

Tracey Edges said...

I also think it's a great idea and that you were both happy with your lovely, thoughtful, parcels.

Tracey said...

I'm so glad you liked your parcel, and I love the little things you sent to Anne. So glad you had fun taking part.