Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013..full of possibilities

 Happy New Year!

We always have an enjoyable but busy Christmas and New Year with family,
so it takes me a while to get back into the swing of things!
However I have been cooking up some ideas along with the steaming sprouts...
and in no particular order
this year I would like to:

take more photos - I realised how few I had taken of Christmas and New Year celebrations,

New Years Day stroll
 several Christmas presents were given without recording their creation...
and last spring I was stumped (pardon the pun)

when the beautiful cherry tree I had been meaning  to photograph in full bloom for years was felled before flowering;

write more snail mail, keeping in touch by traditional methods!
and hopefully reply to comments on my blog..I really appreciate the time everyone takes to comment on my posts and I often compose immediate my head - perhaps I should try letting you know how much I enjoy your thoughts!

update the photo montage...its eleven months since I learned to crochet and there isn't a single hooked stitch above!

start making Christmas presents earlier - I always underestimate the amount of  time it takes, not to make the pieces but to finish them!

stash bust - with Linda, Ana, and other like minded yarn lovers!


Yarn bomb...I'd love to have the confidence to do so - a tentative start was made when a couple of us left some pink flowers in the park in memory of a friend;

create more free form crochet, patterns and fusion of felt and crochet combos...

Looking forward to seeing everything you have planned for 2013 and viewing those exciting unplanned events too!


Melody said...

Love your little robin!
You really have made great strides in the crochet world this last year(ish) !! I hope to get back to the land of creativity, and blogging (regularly)any minute now!! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I think your work is amazing and I love your felt and crochet combinations. How sad the tree disappeared before you could capture it's beauty. Keep up the great work in 2013. Becky x

crazydazy said...

hi ali, sounds like youre going to be busy this year!, ali

Hindustanka said...

hi, Ali! don't worry, life is busy and i think as soon as you still have time to post, it's good :) however i'd really like to see your crochet works!
take care,

Tammy said...

Your little bird is very cute. Sounds like a good plan for the new year. I'm stash busting, too. Look forward to seeing what you make. Best wishes, Tammy

Tracey said...

I just love that little robin. Hope you find time for all your plans xxx

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I love your new photo montage Ali! What a great celebration of creative moments! Looking forward to seeing and reading about more of your creative journeys in 2013, Liz xxx

Ali said...

Thanks everyone - I'm making a start on some of the list!
Glad you like the montage Liz..
I've grown very fond of the Robin...there will be more birds! It was on my husband's Christmas card. He rarely comments on what I am making but he did spot the body in its 'raw' state..I said it was just a mistake - so when he received it he remembered the mistake! I'm afraid for time constraints the felt, ribbon and eyes were stuck on - much to husbands amusement as I usually try and struggle to sew them however tricky!
Ali x

BumbleVee said...

I saw a blog the other day and had a good laugh at some "yarn bombing" .. they were at some hotel or other ... for a retreat to do with wool of course...and somehow it got really carried away and was such a fun thing to see all the things that got 'bombed" ... I'll have to see if I can find it again ..if I do I will send you the site...
I found your site looking for felting projects... so I will continue looking ... to see what folks are felting...