Monday, 28 January 2013

Stash Busting Month 1!

The end of this month has appeared rather rapidly.
Having organised my stash, rediscovered some wonderful yarns and wandered around many new and fascinating blogs I have only two finished projects but lots of ideas!

Realising that I have a reluctance to start new projects that are important to me I have decided to have something on the go as a background project, that can be picked up and put down easily, can be done with only a little concentration and does not have a deadline.
So here is the first of those projects

 a granny style scarf made with two colours of donated acrylic from my stash.
The pattern is another of Ana's
it grew really fast, flowed easily from the hook and it has used 124g of yarn.

So my total for January is 90g Tequila scarf, 4g accompanying flower brooch, and 124g Granny scarf

I have started a new scarf..but I know that the other projects I have in mind are a little less large so February will be a smaller but more varied total!!

Thanks to everyone joining in the challenge for your comments and exciting blogs - and big thanks to Linda and Ana for all the organising, inspiration and support.


Ana BC said...

Doesn´t it grow fast? Yes, easy and cute ;-)

linda said...

Glad you are enjoying the challenge Ali, granny scarfs are a joy to make. I love to have an easy pick up and put down project too :)

Elisabeth said...

Lovely scarf! I've got a feeling this challenge is going to be addictive :)

CRAZY DAZY said...

hi ali, very nice scarf, id need to join in and do some stash busting myself!!!! my yarn is gradually taking over the whole house, alison

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Hi Ali, a background project without pressures sounds like a great idea - and it's looking wonderful! Liz xx

Ashley said...

Wow that scarf looks so warm! That's a good start to the Stash-Busting challenge!

Hindustanka said...

Love the scarf, so whenever I get enough stashed yarn I know what to do with it!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring to make small things too :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Granny anything is easy to make. Great scarf! I should make some of those, too, but I seem to always be working on very small projects. Best wishes, Tammy