Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tequila scarf! SB1

You may have noticed I am a lover of colour and always on the look out for bright rainbows.
I started using Sirdar Summer Stripes for my Easter egg pattern and loving such bright colours acquired some more for Tracey's Boho scarf
I'm sure some of you can identify with the notion of needing to have more than enough wool to finish a project, and the principal of  'as its on offer I can buy some more  - there are lots of projects I can use this for..'

I did try using Summer Stripes for washcloths - but found other cotton yarn that did  a slightly better job and invested in lots of that too!
At the beginning of the Stash Buster challenge I spotted a beautiful scarf on Ana's blog that I thought would be the perfect match for some Summer stripes.

As I'd been hooking a lot of granny squares I substituted 3 trebles and 3 chains in the middle. This made for a beautiful pattern whilst creating, which I had hoped would have been evident on the ends..more of that later. Being a novice I didn't anticipate the extra volume it would add so there is a slight bulginess to the centre - I'm hoping that might give an extra dimension when worn!!
 Not knowing how much yarn would be needed for the scarf  I just kept going until the end of the first ball. This revealed the pattern of the colours and it became evident that the second ball was similarly striped so a little planning was needed to achieve the maximum colour impact. 
There's a lot of pink...

 ...which I thought should probably form the middle of the scarf thus giving the ends brighter colours. So a second scarf was started with the second ball, and a way of joining the two was devised by straightening the beautiful wiggly edges just before the join. Although the patterned edge was lost I'd had the pleasure of seeing it on every row  - and remembered to capture it on camera so you could see it too!

There had also been a eureka moment for the ends - the colour of the yarn is Tequila - I'd thought of an accompanying worm...but then the light bulb ping!
Lime -  so each end has some slices of lime!

It weighs 90g and the accompanying flower 4g! So nearly 100g busted!

The whole scarf was made with someone in mind, and I really enjoyed making it - as its cotton blend I'm not sure how warm it will be in our current sub-zero midlands temperatures - but as a spring scarf it will come into its own!
I know she has been reading the blog recently so....
Cheers! Hope you have a colourful Happy Birthday S xxx


Elisabeth said...

That yarn is really pretty! I've not seen it before but I'm a big fan of sirdar cotton so I'll keep an eye out for it :) Great stash buster project too xx

Mistea said...

Pretty scarf. Lovely colours.
Enjoy working through your gorgeous yarn.

linda said...

It's beautiful Ali, lovely colours :)

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I'm so impressed with how quickly you've mastered the art of crochet! This is gorgeous, really lovely colours. Liz x

Hindustanka said...

Hi, Ali! You always make something unique and unusual :) the yarn color is such I've never seen before.and the pattern looks fabulous! i'm sure this scarf will be very pleasant to wear, as it's cotton blend :)

Inga said...

That is a nice scarf! I also plan to make a scarf with the same pattern. Mine will red :-)

Lorna said...

What a unique scarf! I'm sure it'll make a special birthday present - especially with the story to show how much thought has gone into it.
And I can certainly identify with the thought that there you'll be able to use up the leftovers when buying too much yarn... it's got to be better than running out!
Enjoy the stash-busting :-)

Sally E said...

As the lucky recipient of the beautiful scarf and broach, it looks even better in real life than in the photos! Thanks Ali! Sally E x