Friday, 31 January 2014

Back to Back bags!

Who would have thought that there would be three bags full of posts in January?!
I really am a bag lady this month!

There are several January birthdays on our calendar, this year they shared space with three dates of riveting evening television viewing. The whole family was mesmerised by the awesome plot twists and character expansions of Sherlock, John, their friends, colleagues and mysterious adversaries.
With the twosome of 221b in mind two of the projects hooked this month had to involve Sherlock stitch:
A second cowl with a mobius twist (46g) in Artesano aran was made to snuggle one friend.
The yarn is so soft, and there's a tiny ball left for appearances in smaller projects.

For another, inspired by Linda's string totes I hooked in a circle and then started a 2 chain, 2yoh, 1dtr, b-tween stitches pattern..I know its tenuous but there's still a 221b thread running through!

The top was htr-ed, as were the handles!

For Christmas the super thoughtful Mr RW, who obviously hears my moans about lack of winter light, gave me a gadget to supplement light for photos:

The following were taken late at night with light from the device and the usual lamp.

I am still experimenting, but as a first shot the illumination is better, and the frustration is diffused!

The yarn used for the bag was mentioned here

As we have reached the end of a very damp (and for some in other countries super cold) January stash totals are:

Granny bag:  99g
Granny pocket hearts: 199g
Artesano cowl:   46g
Sherlock string sack:   70g
A whoppingly satisfying  414g

(I have however bought three 50g balls of wooliness in the sale  - one, possibly two are cowl friendly and the other will be fab for lots of textured projects!)

On the subject of television, I just have to mention how hooked we are on the thrilling  'The Bridge'. Two hours a week where everything must stop and full concentration be given to the fabulous character dynamics, twisty plot, and melodic Scandinavian languages. Looking forward to the conclusion this weekend, however it will be a wrench to have to vacate our relaxing and emotional scandi slot on the sofa.


Amy at love made my home said...

Hello, I am new to your blog! Well done on your stash busting, you seem to have used up an awful lot. Looking forward to reading more from you. xx

crazydazy said...

Love the Noro is very you! Your light gadget has worked well.....well lit photos!

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Great stashbusting for January! The string tote looks very nice.
Take care :-)

linda said...

Lovely tote Ali it looks lovely with that yarn, I will add your totals to the chart for this month, you have done brilliantly a great start to the year. :)

Jacqui Galloway said...

That bag is gorgeous, Ali. Am absolutely loving the wool you made it with and your obsession with 221b
Baker Street. We loved it too! Seem to have missed out on the Scandi thriller. How remiss!
Jacqui x

Astri Bowlin said...

Ali, You have been having fun with lots of colorful yarn. The market bags are so awesome and the hearts from the previous post made me smile.
Happy February!