Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bags of Fun!

 ...and beautiful buttons!

Way back in the blazing heat of the long hot summer Linda created a stash of super string tote bags and generously posted the pattern and a photo tutorial on her blog . Lots of fellow stash busters hooked bags and inspired by everyone I purchased some Wendy Supreme 4ply on holiday.

I gave my first string tote to my mum for Christmas..

As I had bought three colours and plenty of cotton I started work designing a bag for my sister in law for Christmas. I liked the shape of Giddy Stuff's purse, and wanted something roomy.
Television listings magazines are great for templates as they have columns of text for ready made boundaries!

The base of the bag is a rectangle measuring 24cm by 10cm,

all stitches are half trebles with two strands of cotton, and from the base it is crocheted in the round to around a height of 17cm.
Having finished the base I estimated I would need some more cotton to be sure of completing the intended size. A third contrasting colour was chosen and hooking continued. 

With some decreasing by eye on the short edges a dimple (that can be concave or convex!) added extra dimension.
A narrower hook was used for the top rim and flap to keep the stitches tighter.

The buttons were the perfect size, and colour, they feel wonderfully smooth and luxurious
 and were in the sale!
With one buttonhole in the centre of the flap, the two other buttons are sewn onto the top for weight and balance.

The handle was sewn sturdily to the back.

The whole bag weighs in at 209g 
and was well received over the festive season.

Whilst on the subject of bags of fun....I am really enjoying exchanging interesting 'wordy' tweets with Jacqui from Living with Ethel
Its amazing what fun you can have on the internet!


linda said...

What a fabulous bag Ali, well done on creating it, no wonder it was so well received what a lovely gift. :) (and thank you for the mention)

September Violets said...

These are two great projects ... I love your purple creation!! Well done with the colours & design. Wendy x

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Great bags! I love the colors :-)

Una said...

I love those buttons. I just want to reach into my computer screen and touch them.

crazydazy said...

love your bags! I'm sure your sister in law was delighted with her bag, the colour, the shape and the buttons are all amazing,

Jacqui Galloway said...

Absolutely love the bag and the buttons.....well!!
Jacqui x

Zed said...

Wow, they're really cool :)

Angela said...

I love that your work is always so colourful Ali, the bags are great

Tracey Edges said...

I love this bag, Ali - great colour combination, shape, buttons.
Oops - just got well diverted in woolliness... :-)