Monday, 27 January 2014

Granny Pocket Hearts

Last week 20 granny pocket hearts began their journey to heartsease HQ..
..these are my favourites....using one colourful and one textured strand of yarn!

 Some of the smallest, hooked on a 4mm hook..

 perfect pocket size!

 199g of colourful wooliness busted!

The largest heart has a handle as I thought it may be difficult to stuff into a pocket, although it is really soft it is a little bulky!

 20 hearts accompanied by many more warm, positive thoughts for the children supported by 


crazydazy said...

Your work is always so colourful and such a worthwhile project.

Kate said...

Very pretty and colorful :-)

Unknown said...

Hi! I just started following your blog, I really like your works, and I love the colourful wools you use! :)

linda said...

They are lovely Ali and will be very well received I'm sure. :)

September Violets said...

These are so great Ali! Love all the colours, and that last shot is amazing. These will be so appreciated ;) Wendy x

Angela said...

what a fab thing to do Ali and they look so lovely too