Monday, 26 September 2011

Holiday snaps!

Its four weeks since we returned from a short but sweet holiday in the North East of England...we had some very dramatic weather, dark clouds and bright sun made the colours extra vibrant, although these phenomena could only be experienced and not captured on camera!
On our journey up the M6, through the hilly peaks past the Lakes, the sky turned a purpley black and white fluffy clouds whisped past, the grass was luminous lime green speckled with woollyblackfaced sheep, the whole clashing colourful scene would have stretched the artstic imagination had we not seen it. Shortly after, the most awesome rain shower engulfed us...thankfully we were driving and not on foot (memories of childhood lakeland cagoul clad hill walking!)
We saw some fantastic sun shafts through rolling clouds, beautiful pinky purple heather and bright pink Rosebay Willow herb....

Although we were surrounded by fields full of sheep...I didn't buy any local wool this time, I'm still using my soft heathery hand dyed Teeswater from my last trip !
One of our trips was to Hury Reservoir and on such a gusty afternoon it looked like we were by the sea, a much more dramatic experience than on a calm day!

We spent some time with relatives and during one afternoon their daughter entertained us all with her energetic games! She helped me to make and photograph some flowers, 

and requested a woolly robot, for which she cut the hair!

It all seems a while ago now...but its been a treat to recall some of our memorable moments!

So much fresh air and space...on the moor top.....with a vastness of inspirational sky!


Tracey Todhunter said...

That is an amzing sky Ali. Tx

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Hi Ali, your holiday writing conjures up some lovely images - I love those dark cloud and vibrantly colourful stormy summer days! PLeased you enjoyed some crafty moments with little relatives, too :)
Liz x

Melody said...

I love your description of the dark sky... I can see it perfectly... One of my favorite "weather looks" is a black sky against a sunlit green foreground..., of course mine don't usually involve sheep ~ so yours is better in that way! Makes me want to try and capture the scene in a painting! :))))) Thanks for sharing! :)