Monday, 5 September 2011

OOh - How exciting!!!

I think  this title could be used lots of  times over the next few posts!
I returned from holiday to two fantastic pieces of Bloggy news, two collaborative projects have borne fruit and there are lots of  lovely holiday pictures to share.....
so this is the first of a series of  posts I hope you find as exciting as I do!
Where so I start? 
Becky at The Fluff Pot recently held a very generous giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 followers, (since then she has amassed another 24!) Becky began blogging just before I did, she was the first to leave a comment on my blog and has left regular positive and friendly messages since!  Her blog is full of colour, inspiring images and tips. She has turned her hands to lots of crafty creations and its a joy to read all about them, and her beautiful garden.
Imagine my surprise and delight to find out that I had won her fantabulously fluffy feast of goodies.
One day last week, around lunchtime a parcel arrived ....Random Wooliness Junior and his one of his friends were spending the last day of holiday freedom at ours and were immediately mesmerised by the box of treasures.
I managed to get them to wait whilst I photographed the perfectly presented purple packages....

and the sparkly colourful gift boxes...

Just then the sun came out and we took the everything out in the garden to open..
like Christmas in the sun!

It was fantastic to see the lads choosing which shaped package to open next and hearing their descriptions of the contents,  they were so enthusiastic about the colours, textures and shapes. 
One spent time stroking the bright wool tops (each coloured ball was given a name!) the other was very appreciative of the jewellery wrap, its colours and the beautiful button which was examined carefully. The acorns proved to be a real winner - they loved the concept and I loved all the colour combinations and shiny patches.We all marvelled at the amazing autumn leaf vessel with the coppery  wire veins.
The heart pin cushion was given a good squidge by us all and we chose our favourite coloured pins and cotton...the boys were amazed at the hearts that came from the butterfly wings and suggested uses for the colourful card decorations.
We chirped noisily about the bird brooch and watched the necklace shine and twinkle in in the sun. The rose is so delicate..both in colour and texture.
I'd like to say a huge thank you to Becky not only for sharing her talented work (its great being able to view  and feel some of her bloggy items up close!) but for enabling me to hear those two chaps being so enthusiastic about such creative items!
Thanks for all the lovely comments on the announcement too.
Becky has a Folksy shop, her handcrafted items are really well made and feel fabulously fluffy!!

I think the acorns and autumn leaf will be beautifying our lounge soon,
although it feels autumnal today I'm still clinging to summer....


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

A really lovely post about a really wonderful parcel - I love the way you have described you and the boys' explorations and discoveries! I am really pleased that you won Becky's amazing offer so much genuine support and enthusiasm to sustain all your bloggy friends: it really couldn't have gone to a better home.
Have fun creating with all those new materials - I wonder if Random Wooliness Junior will get a look in, too?
Liz x

Tracey Todhunter said...

Such an exciting parcel. Lucky you - hope you enjoy the contents.

Starfish Studio said...

Congratulations Ali!!

You are so supportive of all your fellow bloggers, it couldn't have gone to a more worthy winner. Look forward to seeing what you create from the various bits and pieces.

Kate x

Katie said...

Wow - such a lovely parcel - love that little birdie :-)

Ali said...

Thanks everyone! Looing forward to getting started on some projects...I might let RW Jnr have a dabble too!

Becky J said...

So glad you like your items. How lovely you opened them together! I hope my little boy (only 2!) will grow up to be so sensitive and want to share such experiences with his mum.
Looking forward to see what you make with the crafty bits!
Becky x