Friday, 30 September 2011

Collaborating - The Return...

At the beginning of the summer holidays a friend and I agreed to share some of our creativity and use it to inspire each other - I was really excited by this, as I love what she does. 
There were a couple of sneaky peeks at the piece of felt I gave her here.

Just before I went on holiday I received her wonderful work....and here it is, accompanied by a full view of the random wooliness:

The Return

Foamy surf, the blue-green ebb and flow of life on earth,
The never-ending motion of the pull against
The yellow sky, not a sunset, almost ominous,
Sulphurous, a backdrop for shadows.


A lumbering bulk, clumsy on land, hulking
Against the sandy vastness.
A silent, indistinct almost formless something,
Moving into the rhythm of sea.

At last, in the smooth depths, dugong-like,
Strange grace from great weight; waves lift and caress,
Silver threads weaving in and out of cerulean space,
Bubbles rising to the surface.

Finally, sunset comes, the shepherd’s sky,
A promise of good, and on the shore,
A perfect footprint, as big, as deep as a turtle’s laying nest,
Not formless, not indistinct.


I love Karen's poem, I have read it many times and find new depths.
The most amazing aspect of the collaboration has been how the image has been interpreted.
After I had read and commented on her poem Karen shared some of her thought processes. 

The piece of felt had been made with the sand at the bottom and I had intended the dark form as a footprint...but Karen had looked at it the other way up and revealed a shadowy fantastic!

After my initial reading of the poem I realised this, but found it hard to see 'him' and a tryptich came to mind..(Picture of a figure with yellow sky and sea below; watery scene with smoothly swimming whale form and bubbles; and the existing image as a footprint  on the sand) 
However as I re-read the words and gazed at the picture the figure lumbered into view ...
I could see 'him'! I felt quite emotional!
So I have used the same image both ways up to accompany the poem, I hope you can see him too!
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Karen and she has sent me some more of her amazing writing. 
I hope to make something in response to some of her powerful work and I have an idea for another piece of wooliness to prompt some more creative writing....

Thank you Karen...may this be the first of many creative collaborations!


Tracey Todhunter said...

Such beauty, in the words, the idea, the craft... I could go on. Thank you for sharing and keep collaborating! Txxxx

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Beautiful...what a great collaboration. A love the poem, and the curly wool representing the waves is great! Hope you are not melting in this heat, Ali,
Liz x