Thursday, 8 September 2011

Seven things about me!

One of the other exciting things that greeted me on return from my holiday was a blog award from Tracey over at baking and making. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Tracey, not only for the award but for such an inspiring blog about her homecrafted goodies and simple lifestyle philosophy.

This really does look irresistibly sweet with all those amazingly succulent looking strawberries!

In accepting the award I am to tell you seven things about here goes;

Most of my qualifications are science based..but theycertainly do not include domestic science!

A few people (including Tracey and Melody) know this one.... as a child I collected mice...the crafted not the live kind! The entire collection now sits in my wardrobe housed in fabulous 70s shoe boxes. However they will be introduced to you all at sometime watch this space!

As a small girl I shook hands with footballer Nobby Stiles..who was at the time playing for the local team (Boro) and England!

My drink of choice is black coffee or if  I'm out at night a pint of bitter

I'm an early 80s girl at heart and can usually identify an intro before the lyrics kick in..however as I have increased in age I find myself becoming nostalgic for the late 70s disco hits, and mellow tunes...

As a Brownie Guide I fell off a chair immediately before taking my Safety in the Home badge.

I love yorkshire puddings...the best were made by my grandad, served as a starter, the size of the plate covered in steaming gravy.... but chocolate, in any form, is my most favourite food choice!

Also as part of the award I am to pass it onto 7 others....
I am aware that some bloggers are uncomfortable with the accepting and passing on of awards, so if I have included you on the list I will not be offended if you choose to ignore it.
My intention in mentioning your blog is to introduce others to your wonderful creativity and to say how much I look forward to your updates..and big thank yous for your friendly and supportive comments!

So in no particular order (except alphabetical):

Love and Peas*;
Jenny's vibrant colourful and exciting creations and posts are really cheerful, full of detail, charm and character!

Melody Lorraine;
I discovered Melody and her colourful little animals (real, handmade and illustrated!) via the Being Creative project. I love her storytelling, writing style and her characterful paintings and musings from across the pond.

Starfish Studio
This blog is full of lots of  crafty and arty projects, 
 colour, talent and texture.. lots of techniques have been tried in this little corner of Scotland!

That Fuzzy Feeling;
Liz makes the most wonderful wet and needlefelted items, and has recently started cultivating her own allotment. I love her beautiful photographs of her creations and garden.

The Fluff Pot;
I have waxed lyrical about Becky's blog here and I think she may be excused the 7 things about me part as I know she has done this several times recently..but I haven't seen any strawberries on her awards yet...

The Gingerbread Bunny
Sarah has a lovely chatty blog...she has turned her hand to lots of crafts..and been in print!!

wee mindings
Linnhe Mara makes the most wonderful bags and lots of other things besides. I love her witty writing and musings...on lots of subjects I can identify with. Hers is one of three Scottish blogs on the list!

Hope you have as much fun as I have visiting these irresistible blogs... happy hopping!


Starfish Studio said...

Ooh thanks for the award :)

You and I have a lot in common.

Music from the early eighties is v important to me and, believe it or not, I collected mice as a child!! I have a box full of them somewhere.

I tried to collect mice made of different materials wherever possible. I think the most unusual one was made a pair made of bread.

When you post yours I'll try to dig mine out so we can compare notes!!

Kate x

Tracey Todhunter said...

Some lovely blogs to explore this weekend, thanks Ali. Most of my mice went to other homes as we moved house so much. I still remember our visit to the "mouseman" when we were teenagers!

Jenny Blair said...

awwwww, thankyou so much :)
I have to admit being enticed by that deliciously yummy looking straw and cream cake that i saw on the blog dashboard!...and wow..what a lovely surprise to find an award in the waiting too!
So enjoyed reading a little bit more about you, and loved your unfortunate Brownie incident heeheee!! :) xx

Becky J said...

A HUGE thank you! I have been absent from blogland this last week or so, due to returning to work, and it was a real delight to find this award here from you.
Looking forward to seeing those mice! I'm off to visit your other awardees.
Becky x

Sarah said...

WOW! What a gorgeous find when you are up early when you don't have to be! Thank you so much - it was amazing reading your post and then discovering you had given me an award.
So, do I now pass the award on to other blogs?
Sarah x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Thank you very much, Ali! Well done on getting your award, and lovely to read a little more about you. I love the ideas of families of 70s mice sat in their little shoebox homes - somewhere I have a shell collection sat in a very similar item from the 70s!
Enjoy your weekend,
Liz x

Melody said...

I've gotten an award? What a lovely surprise! Thank you for it and your kind words too!
I am *tap*tap*tapping* waiting to see your mice! (picture arms crossed, toe impatiently tapping)!
Shall I come over and help dust off your shoe boxes??? I have a lovely feather duster!!

Hmmmm, 7 things about me... I'll have to give that some thought...

Thanks again for the strawberries, it's very nice of you to think of me! :)))))))

Linnhe Mara said...

Hey Ali, thanks for the award. I've been off the radar for a few days so only picked it up this morning. What a wonderful surprise to cheer me up on a dreich Tuesday morning.

Sounds like you were my type of Brownie/Guide :o)