Saturday, 30 April 2011

Being Creative

I recently came across Julia Crossland's colourfully creative blog and her positive posts, I love the fact that when reading her blog I have to slow down and think - it sends my mind pinging off in lots of different directions.
The being creative concept completely captivated me and I have really enjoyed mulling over the months theme and producing my contribution.. (initially I mis-read the theme and started thoughts on desert landscapes!!)

I had a rough drawing in my sketch book which had never made it to the wool and needlefelt stage, although was based on a card I make quite often... and I thought it was ideal for dessert...

I really enjoyed making the topping, I took a large tuft of white merino then smaller ones of pink shetland and yellow merino, a few sprigs of angelina, and a pinch of purple,pinky throwsters waste. I made a white merino layered sandwich and kept pulling and restacking until the fibres were mixed into a high pile of fluff! 
I then sort of wound some of it into a sausage and began to fix it to the base. I loved the way it then took shape, its loosely felted and all bumpy!

I have enough topping to make another.. and I certainly will..there are loads of possibilities, including adding some silk into the ingredients or some sprinkles in top!

I've really enjoyed my first month being creative and am already planning the next topic!
Thank you Julia for the inspiration and encouragement and for enabling me to give myself the opportunity to be creative just for fun!!


CarolineZ said...

What a lovely little cupcake!

Creative Chaos Art said...

Ooh that's lovely. There are so many possibilities with sprinkles etc! Whenever I see this type of work I always think that I should try it one day! Helen x

Becky J said...

I love the movement in the felt icing. I think I would have overworked this as I find it really hard to know when I should stop. Lovely colours too - very edible!
Becky x

Pink Milk said...

Wow, that's super. Problem is, I'd really rather like to reach into the screen and touch it!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, that's great, like Becky J said there's loads of movement in the icing. I love the colours too!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! I love your cupcake x

Teje said...

Hello! Your woollen dessert looks so delicious!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

Melody said...

Oooooo, it's like a cotton candy cupcake, it looks great!! I bet that would be good in an edible version too! Makes me want to get my bag of wool out, *sigh, so many little time! :)))

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

That's really effective, and I love the way you've captured the fluffiness of the icing. I can imagine a little row of these cakes with slight variations...they'd look lovely in a frame!
Liz x

Julia said...

Hello! Just dropping by to say how much I like your felted cupcake - it was a wonderful idea, very original indeed! Thank you so much for taking part, do hope to see more of your lovely work in the coming months!

Much love
Julia x

Ali said...

Thanks for all your delicious comments on the fluffy cupcake! I've had a great time creating my dessert and looking at everyone elses yummy interpretations.
I'm already planning for May's theme of 'Home' this space!
Ali x

Starfish Studio said...

The cupcake is absolutely gorgeous - so soft & fluffy! I love the fact you've included a bit of angelina in there.
Look forward to seeing your 'Home' creation :)
Kate x