Monday, 25 April 2011

Chirpy Charlie Chick!

I wanted Charlie to have his own post... he has had to wait til today....I often save the best til without further ado I introduce to you Charlie the chirpy cheerful chick:

He's a bit shy I'll see if we can get a bit closer....

....and closer still....

Charlie started life like the other a wet felted ball. 
I am really grateful to  Jamie Lewis
for sharing his technique one freezing  Friday in February at a Craftspace event, so that I could take my needlefelting onto 3d shapes. 
However Charlie is extra special as he was designed, photographed, named and mostly made by Random Wooliness Junior!
One night..probably trying to delay his bedtime..he took an interest in my needlefelting and had a stab! To encourage him to get to bed I suggested he could create his own chick the next day... which he did and here he is up even closer!
I'm really proud of his first needlefelting...he had definite design ideas and had a good go...with a bit of adult supervision to finish off! When my health and safety alarm bells rang he had even worked out that the sponge was too thick for him to stab his leg if he pushed the needle right in....
My sketch book also has some of his cool ideas in there may be more from Random Wooliness Junior in the future!


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a great post! How wonderful that your son is interested in felt-making - and what a brilliant chick he's made. I look forward to seeing more of his work :)
Liz x

Starfish Studio said...

Isn't it great when your kids share your creative interests? I hope this fab chick is the first of many creations by your talented son!
Kate x

Anonymous said...

Aww he is the cutest little chick ever. x