Monday, 4 April 2011

Daffodil Debrief and Details!

There seems to have been a lot of Randomness and not much Wooliness over recent posts... but as there's been a lot of woolly activity going on here hopefully the next few posts will redress the balance! So without further ado....

OOh I am so excited that the idea I had (right at the bottom of the post!) came out better than I expected! I have always wanted to needlefelt a daffodil but a flat 2D one was never an option!

Then I realised I could adapt a bowl as the trumpet!
I initially needlefelted channels into the inside of the bowl as it formed and then the outside and over the top. The bowl is 3cm diameter and Nasturtium shetland from Wheeldale Woolcrafts

google has twisted my photo.....looks like a fish pond!!

 The petals of yellow merino were made with tails so that they could be needlefelted together.

Then came the seredipitous bit......when I placed the trumpet onto the petals there was a surplus ring of petal base wool before the petals began....but as I stabbed away to attatch the bowl to the petals the whole flower began taking a 3d shape and the surplus disappeared!

I patched over the  holes left by the coarser needles on the back of the flower and finished off with a yellow Teeswater stamen.


Becky J said...

Well done, Ali. Great idea about adapting a bowl for the trumpet. It came together really well. I've never worked with shetland wool, only merino. Can you wet felt it as well as needle felt it and does it feel as soft?
Becky x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

It looks great - I love the way that the 3-d form takes shape as you stab away! You've got me thinking about other flower shapes now...Liz :)

Ali said...

Becky, the shetland needlefelts well and feels slightly coarser than merino. I have been experimenting with some medium sized wet felted balls and the one I used shetland and merino in is slightly hairy-er than the all merino one... It could just be my technique tho as I'm a real wet novice.
I must say that I like the hairy one best..has a bit of character!!
I couldn't believe how the 3d just happened in the flower it was just designed that way!
Will be posting on my experiments soon!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ali, I may even be tempted to have a go at felting my own now.

Becky J said...

Thanks for the advice, Liz. I have some wool that's supposed to be merino but takes much longer to wet felt and is a little coarser and the balls end up hairier, so now I'm thinking this could be shetland too.
Looking forward to your posts on your experiments!
Becky x