Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mum!

I have had a fantastic Mothering Sunday, Mum really liked her flowery gift and card and my son has been super creative!

He chose these beautiful blooms with his dad yesterday.
We have always made cards at home for each other and he made another fab comic one with his own illustrations. It is lovely to see his humour and drawing skills developing year by year. 
He has spent some time this week at 2 friends houses and made something at each!

This is the most amazing chocolate cake, complete with chocolate hearts, sprinkles and edible smells delicious and tastes fabulous! Huge Thanks to his friend who helped to make it and her wonderful mum who put it in and out of the oven!!

 This beautiful glass heart has been shining brightly in the window all day (even though we have had big grey cloudy moments!) and has cast purpley shadows across the lounge. Massive Thanks to his friend and his super creative family for giving our chap his first opportunity at glass making, he really enjoyed it.

I am really proud of our son and his great friends (and very helpful and generous mums!)

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ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What lovely gifts, Ali - all made with such care and love, especially for you :)
Pleased that you had a good day, Liz x