Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!!

Remember these?

With some yellow and red Teeswater curls they have been transformed into these:

Give us a twirl!

...and shake your tail feathers!

Before hopping off to their new homes they had an trip into the garden!

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Ali x


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Ali, they are so cute - they had me smiling at the screen as soon as I clicked onto your blog!! Happy Easter, Liz xx

Becky J said...

They are so sweet - I love them from behind the best!
Becky x

Stephie said...

These made me laugh and smile! They look so good. Hope you had a good easter.

Stephie :-) from

Starfish Studio said...

Lovely - your pictures really made me smile :)

Melody said...

I just went poking around a bit in the archives!.... They are adorable! Love the feather "sprouting" out the top!! :))))