Sunday, 30 October 2011


I have fond childhood memories of a small black sugar paper witches hat scattered with sticky coloured shapes sitting atop a chocolate cake (with flake pieces) alongside a spooky illustrated recipe card! I expect the hat is still around somewhere in a well organised box at mum and dads.
I also recall a white sheet ghost costume and the annual pumpkin, which was of course a hollowed out turnip (now known as a swede!)
Its all a bit fuzzy, but around the time of halloween and bonfire night there was a fair in the local town so I remember loud seventies tunes, clanging bells, flashing lights, goldfish in plastic bags, freezing fingers, candy floss, and very sticky toffee apples!

 We are slowly gathering a handful of halloween heirlooms!

One half term RW Jnr learned how to make pompoms

....another he learned to sew buttons!

This ghost sparkles!!

We have a spider and vampire made from Hama beads which glow in the dark - and catch me out when I turn out all the lights before bed!

This year we have added pumpkins:

Here is this years carved version...a little scarier than usual...and roasting the lid as I type!

Happy All Hallows Eve..eve

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Melody said...

Haaaapy Halloweeeeen to you! I was really hoping to see a carved halloween turnip there someplace!! Love the little pom pom spider, and believe me, i don't say that about spiders too often!! Great new header too, love the collage!
Hope you have a SPOOK-tacular night! :)))))