Monday, 17 October 2011

Mystery Solved....

......and many apologies!!
Thanks to some fab feedback from Liz, some serious head scratching, frantic phoning, and rational thinking (from the male members of the household) I think I have solved the mystery of the missing photos!
You see they were never really missing! Which means I have been re posting and re-uploading when they were there all the time. It also means some are HUMUNGOUS and repeated and repeated and repeated.....
In my defence all I see is one beautifully sized and well presented image...when everyone else is seeing double or multiple or HUGE pictures.
I've realised it is my browser (Firefox) on other browsers I can see what you can!
So I will attempt to unload my re-uploads!  and get everything back to how I intended...which my not always be an improvement!
Big apologies for taking up lots of your time scrolling through all the erroneous photos and trying to make sense of the duplications!
I may be some time so please be patient if I disappear from blogland while I adjust!
I had a lovely bagful of wool this morning so I'll be able to roll out some of my frustration soon!
No photos in this post  - for obvious reasons!!
Ali xx


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Tracey Todhunter said...

So glad the mystery has been solved!