Monday, 31 October 2011

Especially for Melody!

As requested Melody...I couldn't resist your challenge! So here's a turnip whittled at the tea table!!

As a child we referred to swedes as turnips, and having 'google imaged' turnip -  plenty of others do too!
We always carved a turnip, before the pumpkin became popular, and I seem to remember it used to take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages to scoop out the impenetrable flesh, and was quite a dangerous occupation.
I cheated slightly with this little fella - he is only two thirds of a soggy swede found at the bottom of the vegetable rack, as he is backless I was able to cut out the centre quite easily. Also he is only about 8cm high - our childhood ones were significantly larger and had string handles, though I can't imagine carrying roasting vegetables for long distances, with the string above the candle, even with a lid!

Spookily this picture captures yesterdays blog post on the right and tomorrows on the left......
Happy Halloween x


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

How weird, my partner has just been telling me that his family always used to hollow out a turnip for Halloween! And like you, by turnip he was referring to a swede. He's from North Yorkshire, perhaps its a regional thing! I'm off to show him your post now...happy Halloween, Ali :)

Liz x

Melody said...

Well I DO feel very special tonight, on this All Hallows Eve! I've never laid eyes on a carved turnip before now! (how handy you had one in stock for carving!) :)))))
I found this,
on the history of carved turnips ~ looks like we have ole Stingy Jack to thank for vegetable carving traditions the world over!
Thank you so much; you have "lit up" my evening! :))))))