Tuesday, 8 March 2011

3D or not 3D...that is the question!!

Thanks to a brilliant tutorial from That Fuzzy Feeling I have had great fun making my own felt bowls.....
I began whilst waiting for some new wool so used a few different colours for each one..and as I'm not good at following instructions to the letter I used the tutorial as a sarting point..and felt my way round!!

Each one is completely different in form, shape and density!,I expect as I am still learning and experimenting. The brown and orange one is quite firm whereas the orange brown and yellow one is much more flexible.

I like aspects of them all so I'll keep on creating....
Having been a flat needle felter for a while ....I can cheerfully say yes to 3d too!!.....................................Bottoms up!! >>


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Oh, so pleased to see you've made some - they look great :)
I find them quite addictive, so if you're the same you'll soon find your house inundated with little felty bowls. Liz x

Ali said...

You are right Liz..they are curiously addictive...glad they can be used as Easter nests...will have to think of some alternative uses throughout the year! ;-)

Becky J said...

You have so much patience! I found the needle felting quite hard work and very time consuming. Well done and keep up the good work. Where do you get your wool roving supplies from? Becky x

Ali said...

Becky, my bowls are not very big.. and some are quite floppy! Yours and Liz's look much more substantial!
I really like how they change as you go along (as I use different colours) and though some patterns disappear as you stab, others appear out of nowhere!
I'll definitely be making more...very enjoyable!
I have collected my wool supplies from a few places - I have been really lucky to have had donations or gifts from friends and family but my most recent tops and blends - that I chose myself - came from Wheeldale Woolcrafts....and I am very impressed with them.
I'm gald you asked....Its what I always ask other felters if I meet them....where do you go for yours? Hope alls fluffy at yours this week? ;-)

Becky J said...

I have ordered felt roving from 'it's a vintage thing' on ebay, which is also owned by saras texture crafts. I have been really impressed with the quality and price of her wool roving and I can't believe how far it goes. I have also ordered a 'rainbow' pack of colours from 'the rainbow room' on etsy and folksy. Stunning colours and lovely quality again, but small quantities of each colour (approx 5 grams) which is fine for bead making but no good for larger projects. This also wasn't such good value but I did get a lovely range of colours. I had a look at wheedledale woolcrafts, it's nice to shop around, and hope to do an order from them soon.
Becky x