Saturday, 26 March 2011

I can sing a rainbow!

I had intended to do more crafty posts but the explosion of colour in the garden has given me other ideas!
..and yellow...
..and pink
..and pink again!
..and green...
...and purple...
..and blue
..I can sing a rainbow...sing a rainbow.. sing a rainbow too!


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a great idea! Your garden really is colourful, and looks like its blooming earlier than the flowers up here in Yorkshire. Is the 2nd pink a flowering currant? - we planted one last year but it's looking a bit straggly at the moment. Liz x

Starfish Studio said...

I was just thinking the same as ThatFuzzyFeeling - your flowers are out much earlier than ours here in Aberdeenshire. Your garden looks lovely - I'm very envious of green-fingered people as I just seem to kill plants and have pretty much given up trying!!
Kate x

Becky J said...

Your bergenia looks beautiful. I have a clump like yours and a smaller plant of a different variety with deep pink flowers, but neither of mine are looking good this year. I had a peek at my neighbours and hers are looking a bit miserable too. I think the harsh winter has taken it's toll. My ribes is looking straggly too, but yours looks lovely.
Becky x

Anonymous said...

What a colourful garden - can't quite match it - but wait until all my sweet peas are in bloom!!

Ali said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments but I feel I must confess...apart from our hyacinths from the previous post we have not planted or particularly nurtured any of these blooms! They were all well established when we arrived many years ago.
There seem to be more flowers - certainly more daffs - than usual and loads of 'did grows' as my Grandad (a proud Yorkshireman) would have called self seeded plants.
Some of the cherry blossom is out in Brum but not near us yet...spotted some magnolias about to burst nearby too! is a flowering currant and looked very dormant until recently.
Becky, thanks for the plant names...always wondered what was growing!!
Hope you are all blooming soon!!
Ali x