Thursday, 3 March 2011

Blooming Colourful!!

Becky at The Fluff Pot asked about my colourful flower....

Not this Christmas but last one I gave these colourful bags to my sister-in-law and niece. I have been really pleased to spot them on photos of family events since.
The wool is Allsorts Rowan Biggy Print and the bags are Felt-works that I bought at a craft shop.
I have a small foam pad that I slipped into the bucket shaped one to needlefelt the flower. I seem to remember that I used a washing up sponge for the zipped up bag as it had a narrow opening!

The yarn is great to work with as it is multicoloured and multi-width too - giving different vibrant results each time. I love working with bright colours...but I am currently being drawn to more natural shades too.
After a lot of 'flat' work I am now branching out into 3d..... watch this space.... waiting for some spring sunshine to photo my recent needlefelting - expecting some this afternoon!


Becky J said...

Those bags don't disappoint! What a lovely gift, they must have been delighted. I agree, the colours of the wool are stunning. I fancy having a go at making a bag but hate the thought of wasting lovely wool if it all goes horribly wrong! Looking forward to seeing some 3d work. Becky x

Ali said...

Sorry... 3d work will have to wait...grey day yesterday!!
I completely identify with you... I hoard things for ages worrying I might spoil it if I use it!!
On the subject of bags you could try a purse first...or a small child sized bag which I'm sure would be well used in your family. I have knitted a few simple bags/purses (all my knitting is simple!!) As yet I haven't felted them. I keep trying out small bits of felting using boiling water will look for the link I used.
Have a good weekend!

Ali said...

Becky, on the Folksy making section theres a Handfelting a knitted pouch make by createdandfelted.....have a gave me loads of ideas!! Ali