Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Throwing in (with) the towel!

As all our washing in usually done at 30 degrees I have been reluctant to felt woolly items in the washer, it seems such a lot of energy for little bits of knitting!.  I have had some cool felting results with a boiling water technique but thats for another post...

Some 'wash and filtz it'  wool had been sitting in my stash for a while so I knitted a strip, tied it securely in a pillowcase and chucked it in with some towels at 60 degrees ( they are treated to a hot wash every now and then!)

It has felted well and you can still see some of the stitching which gives more texture..... I'm looking forward to exploring this technique a bit more and will be kniting bits to throw in with the towels in the future!

Whilst I'm airing laundry in public..... I use liquitabs which probably are not the most environmentally friendly of soapiness but I do try to re-use the packaging . My favourite re-use is my home made card stash. I have been making my own cards for about 11 years and have recently started storing them in the perfectly sized liquitab container. The real bonus is the wonderful smell that greets you as you open the box....I like to think it permeates the cards but by the time they reach their destination its probably been substitued for another aroma!
I keep my needle felting needles in an old clear glasses case.....where do you store your tools?


Becky J said...

I'm a jar and pot person. It drives my husband batty! In fact, I've been thinking about doing a post about my small obsession - it's where the name 'the fluff pot' comes from, though my husband would prefer 'pots of stuff'!
Becky x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I didn't know you made cards, Ali - I hope you'll maybe show some of your work in a future blog post? That box looks absolutely perfect for storage; I've got my wool and fibres stored in all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I must confess that I am also a bit of a strorage magpie! Liz x

Ali said...

Becky - great to know where your name originates how cool!

Liz - I've not photographed many of my cards - its been part of my crafty life for so long it seems like second nature...but I will post about it..thanks for the idea. Some have featured woolly bits but most are paper or photo based.

Isn't it funny how crafters are also storage fans! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a little package on it's way to you next week (finally) with some Troon Tweed, a great wool for felting. Loving these little snippets of your crafty life!