Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Every spring I gaze in wonder at the snowdrops, crocus flowers and daffodils in various stages of colourful bloom.
I had a go at needlefelting snowdrops last year...
I made sketches and photographed crocus blooms and daffs too.
A couple of years ago I'd found this Debbie Bless SoHo wool and earmarked it for a delicate purple crocus...
As it didn't seem right to create a crocus in any season other than spring, I started one last week as they were flourishing in the garden.
The darker base is thowsters waste and the colour shading is a result of the variation of colour and width in the wool.

Whilst mostly pleased with the result it also got me thinking...
  • the background colour is important - if I did it again I'd probably use a pale I could add some thin green leaves
  • a crocus is often pictured closed... and if open - from above
  • when you see a crocus it is usually not alone...there are whole crowds of them smiling in the sun
  • what could I do with a single crocus? Perhaps a brooch (this one's a bit on the large side for that)...or a card... ??
However... I think what it brought home to me most is how delicate and intricate the patterning on a crocus is, and how this does not always easily translate into being needlefelted, particularly with yarn! (I might try white merino and purple silk another spring, although at the moment I think I may have got the crocus creation urge out of my system!!)

I may stick to more abstract and less delicate blooms in the future......I have another this space!!


Anonymous said...

Love the crocus - such natural colours and a beautiful composition.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Ali, I think you've created a lovely crocus image! It would be interesting to explore other approaches - wispy merino would be interesting, wouldn't it :)
Liz x

Becky J said...

It reads beautifully as a crocus and I love that yarn. I can see what you mean about the background, but it would make a lovely spring card or Mother's day card. Why don't you list it on Folksy?
Becky x