Thursday, 31 March 2011

OOh a blog award!

This has been a busy week...creating and cogitating! 
As a new blogger I am still trying to get the balance right with posting, commenting and sharing!

I was excited to receive a Liebster blog award from Becky at The Fuff Pot this week. Her nomination description was very thoughtful, and accurate, as a new blogger I have found her comments on my posts positive, helpful and  friendly! So, Thank you Becky!

I gather that I have to accept and display the award and pass it on to other bloggers with less than 100 followers. 

One of the reasons I began blogging was to acknowledge some of the people who inspired me to do so.. so here's a chance to say a huge thank you to Tracey at  I made it!  .  Tracey has 2 blogs but its this crafty one that I love!  I am always uplifted by her posts and admire her  creativity and skills at traditional homely crafts, baking and gardening. We have lots in common and go back a long way!! Keep up the great work Tracey! 

My other nomination is another blogger with 2 of which I am already a daily reader, although its really new.. Johnshaven a photo a day ..from Starfish Studio gives daily photos of an Aberdeenshire Village.
It gives me a chance to slow down, reflect and indulge in many beautiful images...some of them of the sea...which I do miss here in the Midlands!
So Thank you and please keep up your photo diary (I appreciate how much work goes into it!!) I love it!
Thanks for all your friendly comments too.

I would like to also 'big up' Liz at That Fuzzy Feeling who received the award at the same time as I did..I'm a big fan of all her creations and have learned a lot from her friendly posts and comments. Thanks Liz.

I hope to keep blogging, being inspired and challenged by other bloggers so once again:
Thanks to you all so far and keep up the great creating!
Ali x


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Ali - I've had a really busy week at work so haven't had a chance to think about how I'll pass the award on. Will do so at the weekend :)
Now off to take a look at those other blogs, Liz x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Ali, a lovely gesture much appreciated.

Starfish Studio said...

Thanks for saying such lovely things about my blog Ali :)
I wish I had more time to read other people's blogs... there are so many fascinating ones out there!