Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Flower Power

I love hyacinths the overpowering sweet scent and the transformation from tightly packed green buds to towering colourful and delicate bell shaped blooms. 

We have had pink ones this year.....but last years were blue. We rather unceremoniously dumped them in the garden (minus the pot) when they had finished flowering.... and to our surprise they bloomed again this year. Even more amazing  - there were 3 blue blooms- and now there's 3 blue and 1 white! 

It has been difficult to capture  the true colour of  deep blue with a pinky purple edge...they are beautiful - a real brightness in the garden. 

We'll be putting this years in soon!


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a lovely surprise to find them blooming again, Ali! I love hyacinths, too, but my partner hates them so they are banned from our garden. I do sometimes try to sneak some bulbs in when he's not looking Liz :)

Becky J said...

I love hyacinths but had an unfortunate accident with one 2 years ago - will explain on my blog! Since then I haven't been able to enjoy them quite as much though I still love the scent!
Becky x