Monday, 11 April 2011

TV knitwear!

As you know I like to give home made gifts to my friends and family...but the males sometimes prove a little tricky, and usually their only handmade item is a card. 
I had a flash of inspiration for my husband's birthday card.....we have been completely engrossed in 'The Killing' the recently concluded subtitled Danish Detective was amazing, the best programme we have watched for a considerable time!
The female detective, whilst brilliant at her job, had only two items of upper body clothing...a white-with-brown-pattern-knitted-nordic jumper... and a brown-with-white-pattern-knitted-nordic jumper.
From a small picture in the Radio Times I have tried to recreate one of the patterns seen so regularly during the 20 episodes!
It is needledelted with spun St Kilda yarn given to me by a friend who spun it! It felted so well with very few punctures needed from a coarse needle. The texture of the pattern recreates what I imagine the jumper felt like...I presume it is what kept Detective Sarah Lund awake during the long nights of the investigation!

As my husband likes neat edges I have put a border round it!!
Happy Birthday!


Unknown said...

What a great idea and how lovely to have a friend who spins wool! We missed this series so will have to look out for a repeat. Hope your husband has a good birthday.
Becky x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

That's a lovely idea for a very personalised card - it's amazing where inspiration comes from! The card looks great and, like Becky, I too would love a friend who spins wool!
LIz x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Oh, and amazed that you've got some Teeswater wool from the same farm as mine - what a small world!!

Starfish Studio said...

What a great idea from such an unusual source of inspiration! I'm sure the effort will be well appreciated :)

Ali said...

Thank you all! He did like his card and enjoyed his birthday ...people who have seen it say the design looks good,without knowing what it is...but we know it has even more relevance for the 2 of us!!