Monday, 16 May 2011


Two of the blackbirds have begun their journey to new homes as presents. I had been pondering how they would travel as their beaks were too prominent for padded envelopes! I had a quick scout around for commercial products to no avail...... but remembered the packaging for these amazing soaps from the little bird soap company:

They smelled absolutely fantastic...but as they were a present they only briefly perfumed our dwelling!

This is how they arrived - unwrapping in reverse order!!

This box was cleverly made from a larger one... it got me thinking and rifling through our recycling box...

What better way for a bird to travel than in (half) an egg box ?!

Having wound a protective ring of tissue paper round the beak the blackbirds were wrapped in more tissue paper, the ring keeping the outer wrapping away from the beak.

So that the top didn't get squashed I added a card topping:

....and a birthday card topping on this one:

I hope they arrive safely!...I enjoyed recycling...and will do it more often...its good to hoard (a little)!

On the subject of  how things are packaged... I received a lovely letter on beautifully thick  handmade paper the other smelled amazing and inside was this tiny perfumed leaf:

...I'm not sure what it is, but it is still fragrancing my mail!
Brilliant idea....thanks L x


Anonymous said...

What a resourceful thing you are! Very envious of the perfumed leaf, must be so lovely to open mail like that.

Unknown said...

Well, safe in this packaging they won't be 'worried' but can feel 'quiet'-ly 'confident' that they will arrive at their destination in one piece! Did you get it?!
Becky x

Ali said...

Brill Becky! x

Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

That is brilliant Ali! The egg box looks so cozy :-) And I really love the idea of fragrant packaging. You have got me thinking, thanks!!