Monday, 9 May 2011


I have found recently that I am always admiring colours and shapes around me, all the trees, flowers and bushes are bursting into life. The bubbling clouds here today have given a rather magnificent display of many colours, sizes and shapes!
When ordering fibre or purchasing yarn I am drawn to bright colours..I love gazing at (and fondling!) all my  vibrant fluffy stuff! However when it comes down to making things, apart from spring flowers and a few other things, bright colours don't always fit the bill. I have been struck by the natural tones and hues around me and browsing blogs with creations inspired by nature, like this post from The Fuzzy Feeling.
So when purchasing some needles from Saras Texture Crafts I threw in a mixed fibre bag of natural colours. I was thrown into a quandry with the lagre squodge of black fibre, but when I felt the coarseness and curlyness I knew I had to have a stab! 
The weather has been so warm and our windows have been thrown open daily so there's always the sound of birdsong around and about - I love catching the tune of a good chirpy melody! We have robins and blue tits nesting and there's a local blackbird or 2 that can all be heard above the magpies and pigeons.
So I grabbed a handful of my black fluff and made these!

which were immediately named as black puddings by other family members!
I often work in stages so this is the first one and hopefully in a few days they will be fully fledged!
In the meantime I will leave you with a robin from about 18 months ago with his wensleydale curly red breast....(although I think I may have developed some of my techniques since then!)


Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute - can't wait to see the fledglings - I am very tempted to try needle felting after seeing some of your recent pieces.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I am exactly the same, Ali...I am like a magpie with my stash of bright wool tops, but I really love working with the more natural hues of un-dyed fibre. Looking forward to seeing what those black puddings become!
Liz x

Becky J said...

When making my felt jewellery, I am rarely drawn to the natural hues. However, when I do make something from them it sells immediately - I really should learn from this! Looking forward to seeing the next stage of development for your black puddings!
Becky x