Thursday, 19 May 2011

First Felting 1 ...and one BIG Thank you!

This is the first of two posts about my early forays into felting!  I have been meaning to share some of my early pieces...most of which were 2d....and now seems to be a good the second post will reveal!

Lots of my early creations were made by needlefelting multicoloured yarn onto felt, like the pinky flowers (Debbie Bliss SoHo yarn); snails (Sirdar Bigga); and the Christmas tree (onto sparkly felt). The top white flower was a silkier top. The bright pink and reddy blooms were free felted not backed onto commercial felt. There's a lot of  silk and pinky purply throwsters waste around too.
Wensleydale curls adorn the robins!

This commercially produced mat is quite thick and was fairly tricky to felt onto, but has been well used! There's a combination of yarns, tops and silks. This is placemat sized and I did a pink table runner sized one which has been used as a wall hanging.
This mat sits on a beautiful 60s ercol coffee table which recently had 2 full steaming cups of coffee splashed over it. Much to the spiller's surprise the table was virtually unharmed as the mat had soaked up the hot liquid. After a quick cold rinse the mat was as good as new!
Its been good to look back at early pieces, to be reminded of where I started and how some of my techniques have developed.
I no longer have any of these items as they have all been given away, so I must say a HUGE Thank you to my mum who valued my my initial creations and had the foresight to photograph them (and know where to find the photo a few years later) . be continued......


Anonymous said...

Yay for Ali's Mum! Love som eof those early flowers, especially the mauve ones.

Becky J said...

That's one of the reasons why I started my blog - for a record of what I had made. That placemat is so pretty. I would love to see a picture of your pink wall hanging too. Keep up the good work!
Becky x

Ali said...

Thanks Tracey and Becky...
Me 2 on the blog front Becky...I'd show you the wall hanging photos but....unlike my mum I don't know where I've put them...they'll appear somwhere someday! A x