Monday, 23 May 2011

What a surprise!!

I recently recieved a shiny purple package from Sarah at The Gingerbread Bunny.

I was really excited to have won her recent giveaway...and here it is:

...a beautiful hand made red journal  pouch

with an amazing elephant button detail!

I found Sarah's blog through the Being Creative dessert post..
she creates handmade items, cards and partcipates in art journaling too.

I keep my ideas sketch book and my pink book underneath the settee where I sit, so I can (lazily or) handily access them at anytime - otherwise I would not get round to jotting in them.
As they are so well used they are beginning to get a bit furled round the corners when they slide between the settee and the floor...not any more though, secure in their new pouch!
Thank you to Sarah for your generous and very useful giveaway.

I have been working on  May's Being Creative project on the subject of Home ...the ideas have been on paper for a couple of weeks and today I got them onto the floor!!

It includes some of this but its well hidden......!
All will be revealed later in the month!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad it has gone to a good home! X

Starfish Studio said...

Congratulations on your win - it's lovely!
I love the way you're teasing us with a glimpse of your latest Being Creative project :)
Kate x