Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Random Pavement Jigsaws!

There's a lot of road and pavement work going on around us at the moment....plenty of dust, dirt, noise, potholes, confusion and commotion!

However these (incomplete) patchwork pavement jigsaws have given us some amusement!

We are still searching for the missing piece of this one.....

How are you feeling today? Ok I hope!!



ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

How strange, I wonder what all those codes mean! - hope all the pavement work is over soon. Been away on holiday, so haven't had a chance to catch up with your blog news...and back yesterday to discover lots of uncertainties at work. Liz x

Ali said...

Pavement work completed (although I expect its like painting the Forth Road Bridge?!) Road works due to finish in August...was March!
Not sure what the codes are...but its fascinating - they're all over the place...especially OK and 12..and I thought the answer to life the universe and everything was 42!

Starfish Studio said...

Are they 12" square maybe? It's probably not that as everything will be measured in centimetres. It's a mystery!
Kate x

Becky J said...

Wow! How fascinating! In truth, it probably means nothing and some workman somewhere is having a jolly good laugh at us all trying to fathom the deeper meaning! It just goes against the grain to put them back without realigning the letters and numbers.
Becky x