Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Here are some of the black puddings..fully fledged! 

Each one is so different, though not necessarily by design, as I don't set out to make each one dissimilar to the one before...its amazing that just by a few prods of a needle a whole unique individual is created.

 There's always one that looks a bit worried.....

..a quiet one?
still worried indoors!!
Its not often you see 3 blackbirds hanging around!!
I just need to work out how they will travel to their destinations...their beaks are a bit prominent for the post!
Hope you are able to catch some beautiful birdsong while you are outside...

3 comments: said...

Mr Confident made me smile, so nice to see them fledged.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

They have so much character, Ali! Quite a transformation from black pudding to blackbird. Yes, I don't think their beaks would survive a Royal Mail Envelope experience - perhaps a little box like you might use for jewellery?
Liz x

Starfish Studio said...

These are great Ali. So cute!
Kate x