Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being Creative

I've been really excited again by the challenge of Home, May's Being Creative subject . Just the idea got my brain pinging in many directions, so I tried to simplify and  incorporate some of my ideas into my project.
I began with 2 iconic images, one near my current home location - Selfridges in Birmingham and one from my childhood - Roseberry Topping, in the North East of England
(There are many  more images of each if you google them!)
Ideally to satisfy my chronological conventiality  Roseberry Topping should be on the left and  Selfridges on the right  - but visually they looked better the other way round - so the timeline reads from right to left.

I  filled each outline with materials associated  with those periods in my home life.

The childhood one has wallpaper from my bedroom that was used to back my English book. This was taught by my favourite ever teacher Miss Riding. The strawberry paper covers my homework book from first year at secondary school. There's pink flowery material from a dress my mum made me and the shiny peach I wore as a bridesmaid when I was three.My secondary school tie is there along with a Boro scarf...my home team. The blue represents the sea which was never far away, and I made the mouse as part of my collection of over 100 mice many from craft shops all over the country!  I recently found some decorative ribbon that took me straight back to childhood  - its brighter than the one I remember which was pastel clolours but I just had to include it as it evoked such a strong memory.

The left side panel is bordered by a roll of pink wallpaper we had in our lounge until recently, there's curtain material from our son's bedroom, fabric from our old well loved settee, a slub of silk from the dress of the bridesmaid at my wedding, and a circle of our son's school tie and trousers. The shiny circular celurian (well blue) material reminds me of all the local gloriously colourful Asian material and dress shops...and Selfridges.
A circular lego brick, a twirl of bright yarn and my wedding and engagement rings complete the scene.

Along the bottom from right to left are the shapes (from above) of all the houses I have lived in, with their numbers. (One is missing as it has been flattened!)

Each is made from a piece of paper associated with someone from the time I lived there! I am pleased to say that I am still in contact with someone from each of those locations, in addition to my family!

I have thouroughly enjoyed planning and making this 'home' collage, which has now all been put safely away again.
It contained some significant images but left out so many more, particularly from my 'middle' years - though I can link to them by association - maybe the beginnings of another creation!?!

I'm  really looking forward to seeing other creators interpretations of  home too!


Katie said...

Such a great way to incorporate fabrics and materials that have meaning and remind you of a certain time in your life.

Melody said...

What a great, and fun and fascinating way to capture your "home" memories! I am truly impressed you've got all the bits to make it with, that's some good "saving stuff" over the years - you make me proud! ha ha ~ I am also intrigued by your 100 strong mouse collection! (I have a very soft spot for mice...)
Happy Being Creative Day! :))))))

Biba said...

What a splendid idea! It's so true that little bits and pieces carry an awful lot of memories! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

Anonymous said...

That brought back so many memories, I still have some of my mice. Sadly lost my school tie, but just looking at those stripes and I was back in school, such good times remembered.

Julia said...

What an absolutely fantastic idea! I love the idea of all the memories you have, being incorporated into a great collage - it's a very unique project, well done!

Julia x

CarolineZ said...

How creative, incorporating your memories in this collage. I love it!

Sarah said...

I love your idea! Very creative. X

Creative Chaos Art said...

I really love the concept of this! I think it's great when people hoard fabric etc from throughout their life - I was able to make my bridesmaid's wedding bouquet from fabric scraps my family had collected over the years :)
Helen x

Debs said...

This is indeed a very clever interpretation and one I would NEVER have EVER THOUGHT of. I do have so many things lurking that hold, deep memories for me but to enclose them in two building outlines is truly ...wow!