Saturday, 21 May 2011

First Felting 2.... and 2 BIG Thank yous!

When I first expressed an interest in needlefelting I was really lucky to be shown how to do it  by Sarah Hazell. Sarah is a really creative and multi-talented wonder with wool! Not only did she give encouragement but she gave me a bundle of fluff and short ends of yarns to play with. This gave me the opportunity to experiment and work out what else I would like to try. early autumn leaf...
Sarah leads varied workshops around the country including some  successful crochet sessions at Fibre and Clay, attended by  Tracey, a friend of mine...small world!
Tracey is another woolly wonder...knitting and crocheting are amongst her many talents.
She often sends me squidgy parcels of her colourful, soft and woolly short ends:

I have used some on in my mug cosies, and the case for my cup cake...
I have some more ideas up my sleeve for some of  those lovely colours and textures.

I would like to say one BIG thank you to Sarah for starting me off  
(perhaps Tracey you could pass it on when you next see her!)
and my second BIG thank you to Tracey for keeping me going...
As Tracey has commented twice now about her interest in having a stab at needlefelting herself ....
there's a parcel of fluff in the post! x

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for my lovely parcel, now I have no excuses! I'll let you know how I get on.
Tracey x